Courage Lab

This program is for the woman who wants it all. This program is for the woman who wants to live and lead a life of courage.
Women leaders have a unique relationship with courage and fear. This program is for all the powerful women leading big and great lives – navigating a system that is, in many ways, working against us.
In order to change the status quo, we must dive deep within ourselves, deliberately support one another, and find spaces & communities where we can be seen, be celebrated, & be courageous.

Who is Courage Lab for?

When it comes to courage coaching, the makeup of the cohort is as important as the content of the curriculum.

Courage Lab Coaching believes that curriculum is in the compass and the facilitator is the guide. The learning happens in the group interaction and the empowerment created in a space about courage.

This program is designed to be a space of community for women in middle management, executive, director-level, and upper-level management positions.

Course Modules


An invitation for self-reflection. How does your relationship with leadership and courage express itself in your life? How do you know and embrace who you truly are?


An invitation for understanding our fear and how to embrace fear. How does your relationship with courage and fear express itself in your life? How to overcome the imposter syndrome, fear of failing and fear of seeing our inner greatness.


An invitation for our leadership. How to embrace your inner leader and leadership. How do we truly accept and own our authentic self and have a voice. Understand our leadership shadow and how to be the leader we want to see.


An invitation for us to explore our compass. We will explore kindness, impact, purpose and resilience. How do they show up in your career, life and leadership.


An invitation for commitment. What is stopping you? How do we accept our inner greatness and courage and commit to embracing them?


An invitation for execution and action. Action breeds courage and courage breeds impact.

An opportunity for women who lead & live courageously.

Each module will focus on setting intentions, true focus and purpose, goal-setting and impact.

6 weeks. 15 women. Great Leaders. Big Goals. Greater Impact.


What you get

Investment in you. The you that does all the things. A community of women that can inspire, support, and empower you.

An amazing Courage Lab curriculum that will invite you to dig deep, reflect honestly, and communicate openly.



Begins Tuesday 15th February

Every Tuesday from 15th February 6.30pm – 8.00pm AEST – 6 week program

The Tuition


Tuition includes: Courage Compass Assessment + Access to all 6 sessions + All necessary collateral, materials & resources + Private Courage Lab + Access to Courage Coaches during the 6 weeks + Sonia McDonalds book ‘First Comes Courage’+ Personalised journal