“For me the coaching made the program more than just a leadership course.  The power of the coaching is that having someone who gets to know you and your leadership style, your passion and your ability through sharing my self-reflection.  I was challenged to try things outside of my comfort zone that without the coach I would not have done and this has built my confidence.   I liken having a leadership coach  to having a personal trainer for fitness goals, stretching me beyond my assumed capability.  Having a coach helped me focus, gave me some perspective on what I have already achieved, what my strengths are and what  I want to do.    Knowing my goals I have been able to talk through with my coach strategies to achieve them, sometimes in ways I would never have explored if I was working this through on my own. The coaching has allowed me to gain real clarity on why I do what do, it has given me the key to my future as a leader.”

Coaching client, Cross River Rail